coffee + cre8tive {june 19 '06}

Monday, Monday...

After such a great weekend, it's hard to let it go. This past weekend kicked off summer for me, with a visit down to Rhode Island to see my grandparents and family from Florida. This photo was taken on Saturday night; we went for seafood in Point Judith and later on, headed up to Providence to have enjoy waterfire and a little vino. It was the perfect evening for waterfire, high 70s, breezy, clear... Perfect. My mother and her family are from Rhode Island, and I was born there, although I only spent about a year of my life actually living in the state. I always vacationed there as a child to visit my grandparents, and my auntie Patty went to URI, so RI holds a lot of special memories for me.

Here's a little breakdown of my family shown. Starting with me, I'm seated across from my uncle Jim, who is an orthopedic surgeon. Then, next to me is my cutie husband. Then, near him, is my cousin Kelly (Jim + Penny's daughter) who is a commercial interior designer. Across from Kelly is my other cousin Kevin (her brother), who is a headhunter in the IT world. Next to Kevin is Penny, their mother, who was a residential interior designer for most of her life and married to my uncle Jim for nearly 40 years. Then, there's my uncle Jim. It was a very special weekend for us all.

Family is precious.

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(photo copyright decor8 2006)