Emma Gardner Design

At first glance, you may think this is a post about prints or stationery, but... Believe it or not, these are rugs from Emma Gardner Design available 2Modern. In my opinion, Emma's collection of rugs are total stunners, available in three lines, hand-knotted silk/wool, hand-knotted wool, and hand-tufted wool. The rug designs shown in these photos are from the hand-tufted collection, in 100% New Zealand wool.

Emma Gardner Design is a design and development company in Litchfield, Connecticut specializing in modern rugs (and pillows, too!). Emma was born in Japan, raised in Connecticut, and majored in English literature in college. Early in her career, Emma spent time at Conde Nast publications, then went on to pursue design, she studied textile design at F.I.T. and painting and drawing at Cooper Union in New York, and fast forward, is now a big name in the design world. I admire those that change courses in life and involve themselves in design, so her story is one that inspires us all. Just look at these rugs, it's obvious that rug design is her true calling.

I love this collection because, in design, we're often told to base the design of a room on one item that will be staying, and most of the time, it's whatever is the strongest feature/focal point in the room. If you're working in a room that is rather dull, with hardwood floors and four white walls, then you'll need to create a focal point and build from there. A great start is flooring, especially a bold rug. An Emma Gardner rug would make the process so simple, you could easily build the entire room around one of these rugs and pow! talk about presentation!

Emma Gardner rugs and pillows are available at 2Modern.

(images from 2modern + emma gardner design)