Good Stock

Kim O'Neill wrote in over the weekend to tell me all about her company, Good Stock, a charming online store that offers a modest collection of items designed around making family life enjoyable. Themed around everything Kim loves, including her family, the business name actually stems from something her grandfather always told her about their own roots, that she comes from 'good stock'. Good Stock is a collection of Kim's favorites in life: design, words, home, family, color, details, and nostalgia.

Whether it's a family tree, a Good Stock book that you can write and give to your children, animal-themed onesies, quilted floor pillows in 6 juicy colors (I love the turquoise), and an adorable 'how to' placemat set for training little ones, complete with a napkin and napkin ring. I love how everything old-fashioned is suddenly modern again at Good Stock. Nicely done, Kim!

Thanks Kim for introducing us to Good Stock!

(images from good stock)