Henry Road

I've mentioned Henry Road before, but in case you haven't visited them lately... Don't you just love this bold perky tablecloth in red and white? Or these pillows? These are exact patterns that I would use in a room devoid of color, needing a quick redo. Often, we turn to paint or new furniture to introduce color, but who has time to paint (and money for new furniture), especially if your relatives just phoned and they are arriving for a little family time THIS weekend. Before grabbing those paint rollers and stressing over colors, why not add a Henry Road tablecloth to your table? Take the red/white tablecloth shown and top with a big ocean blue bowl filled with bright yellow lemons in the center, or a white vase (or red) with bright yellow daffodils. Blue and yellow looks stunning with bright red. Or, you can go with red, orange and teal...

Tip: You can even fold a beautiful tablecloth (as long as it is fabric and not oil cloth or plastic, of course) for displaying on a chair or on the back of your sofa in the living room (if the back of your sofa doesn't face a wall, that is!). Introducing color in your space doesn't have to involve a seamstress, gallons of paint, or even lots of money. Just add a few throw pillows, a new tablecloth, and viola! instant perk up!

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(images from henry road)