BG Shop - Japan

Just what we all need. Another adorable Japanese website. This time, it's BG Shop, thanks to Imedagoze and her great eye for design. Funny thing is, even though it's in Japanese, I find myself constantly browsing it because there are so many things that appeal to me and I love their product shots. Since most list the European designers name, which is easily spotted within the Japanese text, you can pull it out, google it, and find the designer elsewhere on websites that may be a little closer to home, and in English.

My favorites: posters from French artist Raymond Savignac, Rica Takada pillows and books, textiles from Timo, wooden canister sets from modernica, Hess-Spielzeug "the first curl" keeper, Lefor Openo prints and postcards, Klippan linens, and Petit Grand Publishing play cards. Have fun!

(images from bg shop)