coffee + cre8tive {june 23 '06}

There's something about Red Chair Antiques in Peterborough, New Hampshire that often calls me from my sleep. Maybe I'm drawn because you'll find nothing that is brand new except for the soaps imported from France. Perhaps it's the soothing hues of blue and gray (each wall in the store is a different tone of the two), the bright sunny space, the smell of fresh lavender in the air. Could be all the European vintage buttons, dress forms, photographs, keys, coins, chemistry sets, glassware, shells, stamps, letters, textiles, trims, envelopes... All displayed throughout the store so lovingly in beautiful cases and boxes, just waiting for you to comb through at your own laid back New England pace. It's like venturing into a beautiful attic, without the dust, searching through piles of neatly stacked treasures, gently revealing items that, for very little money, you can take home to love and cherish for years to come. Upon checkout, a nice lady hand wraps every item, using a glue stick to fasten a neatly trimmed fabric square to seal the tissue paper. There's slightly chipped white enamelware from France and Germany filled with vintage tea towels and fabulous antique beveled mirrors (the frameless kind with the chain) . I wish every town had a Red Chair Antiques that you could visit and enjoy.

If you ever visit southwestern New Hampshire and Mount Monadnock, make it a point to stop by Red Chair Antiques located at 16-20 Depot Square in Peterborough, NH. There's a few lovely stores in this square like The Shop and Garden at Cross Road (garden store with waterfalls and lots of vintage modern wares for the home and lots of succulents, flowers and plants, along with the quaint Toadstool Bookstore and an excellent eatery next door called Twelve Pine to enjoy gelato, homemade quiche, Mediterranean stew, and other satisfying bites all in a huge restored barn. There's an excellent descriptive review of Twelve Pine here.

I just visited Red Chair Antiques the other day and snapped a few photos (click on images for a larger view), so I doubt I'll be heading back up there anytime soon. This weekend, I plan to work on some projects around the house and attend a local Strawberry festival and of course, hit a few flea markets.

Happy Friday everyone, and hello weekend!

(photos copyright decor8 2006)