coffee + cre8tive {june 27 '06}

If you're looking for creative inspiration today, browse the hundreds of images on Brides. Vibrant bouquets, images of happy times, festive table settings, gorgeous invitations... You'll walk away feeling a touch of happy and armfuls of inspiration, not to mention the skinny on what's hot in party planning.

Isn't there something about weddings and festive events in general that really gets your sparks a flyin'? Could be the combination of joining together so many of our favorite things in life - a well planned decor, flowers, food, music, the gathering together of special people, stationery and oh yes, let there be cake. Lots of it with yummy sinful buttercream frosting.

Event planning is not only a major rush and a real chance to demonstrate your talents, but you get to share so many facets of your personality and interests with those you cherish, right down to the letterpress invitations.

With the many upcoming weddings and summer events, Brides gives you the scoop on everything from setting the table to floral arrangement and party decor. Even if your party has nothing to do with wedded bliss, you can refer to Brides for ideas that apply to just about any event you may have in mind.

One thing I'd love to do in mid September is host an outdoor dinner party to bring together all of the girls that were in my wedding 5 years ago (July 14 is my 5th Anniversary). A big wooden table, flowers, wine, artisian bread with bowls filled with oil + spices for dipping, music (of course), and lots of attention to the details. Wouldn't that be fantastic? Nothing that overwhelms, but definitely something that makes them feel special.

Do you plan to host any parties this year? A shower or wedding perhaps? A gathering for the girls?

(images from brides)