coffee + cre8tive {june 28 '06}

There are so many amazing shutterflys out there, I mean seriously, have you scoured flickr or etsy lately? Just the other day, I tipped you off to the very talented photobird in Brooklyn, whom I found by accident on etsy (my order arrived and the card is more lovely in person so please support this indie artist and buy some of her cards.) She photographs the mundane, the real simple things in life that often go unnoticed, but thanks to those like photobird who know how to capture the beauty in the everyday, you'll find yourself starting to appreciate the humdrum a little more, too.

Now let's talk about flickr... Don't miss *n*o*o*r* (Noortje) in Berlin. You can tell she is really absorbed in capturing beauty in run down environments, finding the single item buried in a heap of imperfection that begs her to capture it. Of course, she photographs beautiful things to, but I especially like her more industrial shots. If you're a flickr member, you can join her pool and have access to the photos that she posts daily. I'm almost tempted to bet she's a fashion or design student. What do you think?

Have you heard of the 10 Cent Designer? Well the talented $.10 is from western Canada and snaps gorgeous shots of interiors, exteriors, people, all are such a pleasure to behold. I'm especially liking her mid century modern home. We have a similiar taste in home interiors, although I mix a little more vintage modern in my decor, so of course I flip through her photos gaining much needed fuel to complete pending projects in my own space. She's someone that I'd love to meet (maybe even interview for decor8!) because I imagine she has this very creative mind that one could dive right into. Plus, look at her magazine collection in the above photo. Can't you envision sitting there for hours flipping through those design piles, bouncing ideas off of her? From what I can tell, she's an interior designer + photographer and seems to be involved in lots of thrift store rummaging (my kind of girl!) and interior staging.

Did you know that I also have a flickr pool for decor8? It's a quick glimpse of all images posted here daily. A quick reference with product links listed, too. You're welcome to join my flickr pool so you have this as a resource.

Have a few favorite flickr peeps to boast about, including yourself? Go ahead, plug away. Comment below!

images from 10 cent designer [top] and *n*o*o*r* [bottom]