Graphics Alive - Book!

Like me, I'm sure you're into all design disciplines (graphic - fashion - interior - industrial) and I'm willing to bet that no matter how much you see, you always want more, more, more. Right? You insatiable design junkies, you.

Recently I came across Graphics Alive!, a book published by Victionary. It contains 272 pages of colorful graphic exploration featuring artists and designers and how they apply their art to their work. It also discusses the graphics in our life, from those appearing on the mundane, to huge international brands that directly affect how the consumer relates to the product, selling almost a lifestyle more than anything...

The book is comprised of comments and pictures showcasing top international brands, unique projects by design experts, and my favorite, up-and-coming designers. Some of the contributors include Sarah Cihat, redstr/collective and Hanna Werning.

I like this book because it gave me a chance to rethink my own relationship to both apparent and neglected graphics around me that I often take for granted. Plenty of inspiration in this book, too!

Click here to pick up a copy for $40 USD.

(photos from victionary)