Linear Wire Wall Art from West Elm

West Elm has a great selection this season, I'm really into their colors and how well they mix cool with warm hues to create a harmonious symphony of color for relaxing interiors. It's a hard balance to strike, how much brown to mix into a room with ice blue or stem green, but they make everything look so effortless and extraordinary. Take this room, for example, with it's vibrance and fresh modern appeal. When you look at photos in catalogs, do you study them like I do? I mean, really look at how they've mixed the colors together, in what dose, where, how. It's a really good way to train your eye so you can improve your own space. Look at how things are arranged on a shelf, for instance. See the linear wire wall art that I love? They've placed it on the top shelf, horizontally. You can also display them on the wall vertically. I imagine you can do just about anything with these things, depending on how creative you are. I love geometric shapes, so the linear art had me at hello and for $49, they're somewhat affordable so they may make a clever statement in your home without breaking the bank.

Often, I look at items like this (above) and think of how I could improve/edit the design somehow. I know, ridiculous since I can't, but it's fun to think of what this piece would look like if each of the glass tiles were replaced with tiny collages or even a single european or asian postage stamp. Maybe even something totally nutty like little cut-outs of your family - each face or head, one per square, to form a quirky family tree. I like to imagine things done my way, Holly style, as my husband so often refers to how I seem to edit everything I buy.

(images from west elm)