See Jane Work: Go Away

We're all prone to going from sweetheart to raving beyatch in 0 to 60 seconds, especially when everyone on planet earth demands attention as a deadline approaches. One, in your opinion, that could cost you your job if you flake out.

"Excuse me, I have a ques...."

You swing your head around like a demonized horned owl. Your eyes are glaring red. Snap. You lose it.

If you've never had a good freak out on someone, I assume you are 1) amazingly patient and mature 2) have no deadlines because you've got no game (sorry) or 3) you continuously pop ecstasy, washing down those tiny pills of bliss with a shot of absinthe, all while chain smoking, of course.

Okay, so you'll admit to being a nutcase sometimes. Do you ever feel remorse? If you answer yes, continue on. If it's no, find religion. Fast.

Raving lunatics unite. See Jane Work can help you and so can I. For one, when you have a looming deadline, pop in your earbuds and post a simple statement on your door or cubicle, like my favorite friendly words, 'beat it'. Or, if you'd like something fancier than 'beat it' written in black marker on notebook paper, check out SJW's 'go away' signage. A sweet swirly typeface against peaceful blue almost looks like a "welcome friends" greeting. Once you focus in, it's hardly a welcome and a bit unexpected, which is why it works so well. It's like Karen from Will + Grace. She can say something amazingly rude but with her smile and eyelashes batting swiftly, you walk away grinning more than feeling the sting of the insult. It's all about presentation people.

Get your perfect little signage for only $9 at See Jane Work.

Now please, Go Away. It's Friday night kids. Time to stop reading blogs and start preparing for a night out on the town or something. :) Whatever you do, have fun and by all means, please report in over the weekend for more fresh finds.

(image from see jane work)