Selvedge Magazine + Online Bookshop

I was in a soft furnishings workshop not too long ago, which included a tour in a designers home based near Concord, NH - a huge restored barn with a second barn attached which doubles as her storeroom for the hundreds of items she's collected from flea markets in Paris and Maine, along with things her clients give to her during projects (when you work in homes, you get ALL of the cast offs when you're working on their space, which is sometimes quite fun). During the workshop, a fellow student (an ASID Interior Designer with her own practice) tipped us off to a Selvedge magazine, which had completely slipped my mind until an order from Lotta Jansdotter arrived in the mail today which included a bookmark with the Selvedge website on it. After two suggestions to check it out, I finally did online and now I can't wait to order a copy.

Okay, that was a very long introduction. Let me catch my breathe. The point I'm trying to make is that if this magazine is a suggested read from an ASID designer AND Lotta Jansdotter, I'm going to investigate. So, in case you're interested...

About the magazine:

Selvedge is an independent, 100-page full color magazine published six times a year that anyone looking for creative inspiration will absolutely love.

Directed towards an international audience, Selvedge covers fine textiles in every context with illustrated features on fine art, fashion, interiors, ethnographic textiles, important collections, travel and shopping. The magazine provides a wide-ranging, unbiased and critical overview of the textile world.

The Selvedge readership is composed of all those who claim textiles as their first love, not simply makers and academics. They include professional artists, textile students, collectors, fashion and interior designers, museum curators and gallery owners. Selvedge is also aimed at an audience beyond those with an established interest in textiles. Discerning consumers are amongst Selvedge readers. Intelligent and curious they use Selvedge to learn about the history, techniques, artists and designers that made the items that furnish their lives.

Make sure you check out their bookshop, too. It's AMAZING. Don't miss the Art, Fashion and Interiors section.

Take time to click through their links page, too.

(images from selvedge)