Twirling Hello

This was snapped yesterday in my kitchen while my husband and I played with his camera. We were on our way out to meet up with friends for Thai food in Lexington and then, to see Pirates of the Carribean (which was quite good, odd ending, but still good - especially the location, set design, wardrobe, and of course, J. Depp). Anyway, I've noticed on other blogs that bloggers sometimes do something called "self portraits", which I'm not going to start doing (fear not!), but I thought that being the weekend, and that I liked this photo because it's a very natural shot of me snapped by my husband and it truly captures how happy I felt twirling around in my kitchen. It's also my little way of saying hello to you - there really is a human being sitting here every day pumping out these posts. :)

Hope everyone is doing well on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. We're heading out for the day, so have a great evening and I'll see you back here tomorrow with more fresh finds!

(image from holly becker, decor8)