coffee + cre8tive cupcakes {july 10 '06}

While Italy was off winning the World Cup, I was dreaming of cupcakes. It's not that soccer doesn't interest me, but after Germany lost being so close to the finale, I tuned out and did what I do best when I'm feeling emotional, think about food. On the agenda this weekend, cupcakes. It was all I thought about from the time I stepped into Williams Sonoma on Saturday until, well, I'm actually still thinking about them. Thought I'd bring you into temptation, too. What are good friends for, if not to lure you into their sickness?

I still haven't given in to actually baking them, but with this new cupcake pan from Williams Sonoma, I think I would need to break it in - if I actually owned it. Sure, I circled the store with cupcake pan in hand, pretending to look at other things, when I was actually only debating whether or not I should purchase it. Something so wonderful would only lead me home, baking myself into sweet cupcake intoxication (with sprinkles).

I'm saving celebration treats for Friday, our 5th year wedding anniversary. For now, I shall eat salad and kill myself on the elliptical.

On Friday, it's cupcakes (with champagne)!

(image from williams sonoma)