Introducing Hallmark Magazine!

I was extremely flattered when I heard from Hallmark - they will give decor8 a mention in their premiere issue of the new Hallmark magazine, set to hit newsstands in early Fall. The magazine plans to speak to women about the true substance of our lives - family, friends, home and community. Features include (from website):

Inspire - The things tht make you feel, think, laugh. Ideas and impulses, fresh takes on tradition, new ways to celebrate seasons and milestones?all infused with humor and wisdom.

Renew - The take-care-of-yourself stuff. The place where we awaken our senses and trust our instincts. It's where we remember that life isn't about the quest to achieve someone else's notion of "real" beauty. It's about discovering our own.

Nest - The place where life happens. You'll find inspiration for rooms that are beautiful because they surround us with the things we love. It's about life for real, not for show.

Connect - The best kind of quality time. Ideas, inspiration and advice on how to stay close with the people you love?as a wife, mother, sister, friend.

Nourich - The taste of good times. Tips that will make gathering around the table the pleasure it's supposed to be. With recipes that are simple, healthy, and most of all, delicious. And food that's not just about the cooking, but about the eating and talking and laughing that go with it.

You can visit their website for more information or click here for a free complementary issue. I can't wait to view this magazine, if it's anything like the website, I'm sure it's going to be a very refreshing read with a lovely layout.

Did you see this great Hallmark project? It's called the Family Vacation Garland. It's easy to make and super cute. Just add photos, ribbon, rope, maps... Complete instructions are online if you're interested in creating one.

[Note: This is not an official release from Hallmark magazine, but my personal notes combined with text from their website.]

(images from hallmark)