2Modern - New Eco-Friendly Section + Products!

2Modern is a San Francisco based company (and decor8 sponsor) specializing in only the best design for home + office from some of the most talented and innovative international designers of contemporary furniture, art, lighting and personal accessories. If that weren't already enough, they've now devoted an entire section exclusively to eco-friendly products. With this new section on the 2Modern website, it's easy to support the world of sustainable design because everything you need is at your fingertips - no more endless searching for eco-conscious design. After taking time to walk myself through this section, I decided on a few personal favorites that you may not have heard of yet - I think you'll like:

Balanced Design - fresh squeezed home accessories - everything is happy and bright!

Hightower - Contemporary stools and tables with clever bases.

Iannone : Sanderson - Furniture design that sends shivers up my spine. Their green mod storage cabinet and the signature 2.0 console are both stunning and sure, they're not budget friendly, but for around $1500 you can get something you really like, that is well-built, and will last you for many years.

Steelogic - Sculptural functional design for the home with extra shine and lots of style.

Know of any other great eco-designers that you'd like to tell us about?

(images from 2modern)