Jezebel cards are so darling, decked out in swirly fluttery prints of days past, folkloric silhouettes and charming characters... when ladies dressed like ladies, and gents wore top hats and tails. They have a fairy tale feel to them, which I absolutely love. It would be fun to take a favorite card and place it on an overhead projector for duplicating the image onto the wall. I'd love to try it against a light gray wall using a soft buttery yellow paint. Even black would be stunning. You wouldn't even have to use the entire image, you could just trace parts of the image onto the wall that you like, maybe some of the leaves or flowers from Delilah Sings The Blues, perhaps...

Miss Jezebel is talented designer and writer, Leigh Batnick of Brooklyn, NY. If you'd like to purchase her cards, or inquire about adding her cards to your store, please contact her via her website.

(images from leigh batnick)