Fresh Finds from West Elm

West Elm is bound to travel the blog circuit because their latest additions are terrific. Very appealing to mid century modern design fans, and priced to sell.

Since we bloggers are an opinionated bunch, seeing things through our own lens, there's great value in several of us reviewing what's new out there, even if it's the exact same company we're blogging about. I find it very interesting to see what appeals to all types. I guess it's more of a fascination. For instance, Jon over at Happy Mundane, is in love with West Elm's new ceramic lamp. I have to agree with him, it's hot. I think it's somewhat Adler inspired, don't you? The $59 price tag has my attention. But, for the real deal, I still shop Jonathan Adler (I'm jonesin for his giraffe lamp).

Anyway, back to West Elm bloggers.. I'm sure the talented Angela over at Shelterrific will have something to say about West Elm this week, and of course interior design queen Vanessa over at Apartment Therapy LA will too - she blogs the best West Elm posts. (I purchased the belly lamp and the wavy lamp because she blogged 'em). We're all influenced by what others have to say, and when it comes to design, i.e. I know where to go online to find those with a similar aesthetic, I trust their reviews, and I am always happy when their posts result in a purchase that I love. On that note, here are some of my furniture favorites this season at West Elm. I hope you like 'em!

1. These chairs are just great. The curvy round back chair (available in acorn or black frame) with a chocolate leather cushion is as comfortable as it is appealing. $199 for the chair, $40 for the comfy cushion. 2a/2b. This is my new favorite buffet, I'm ranking this high against many I've spotted across the web. The modern storage console in acorn/white (also available in chocolate without contrast). I am so in love with this $599 beauty, it makes me happy just knowing it's alive. 3. Lighting, anyone? The small ceramic table lamp via Happy Mundane, only $59 (as mentioned earlier).

4. The upholstered chaise is another favorite, in expresso or moss, for $699. It doubles as a twin bed, so it's great for the friend who had a few too many martinis. 5. Did you see the upholstered wood-frame chairs, available in an acorn finish (my preference) or black? At $199 each, they make a great accent chair for any room, or purchase a few for the kitchen. They have a total mid century vibe that's hard to resist, and those classic clean lines tell me that this chair will remain stylish for a long time to come.

6. Looking for another daybed option? The wood-frame upholstered daybed has your back. It combines sturdy wood with delicious linen in strong solid lines, $799 and it's all yours. 7. Did you see the farmhouse buffet (in chocolate of limed blonde) for $799? Very cool, really grounds the space. (for the same price, you may like the X Base Buffet in acorn or chocolate as well). 8. If you're looking to spend less, there's always the funky geometric storage console in chocolate for $499, which isn't too bad. 9. If you seek additional seating for your fine behind, the very classy modern wing chair, in pumice, is a terrific find for $399 (if you like the pillow, it's called lotus leaf). This chair also has timeless appeal, so you can live with it for a long time without it looking dated next season. Not that being on trend is so important all the time, but there is something to be said for items that never go out of style...

As you can tell, I love chairs and seating that perform double duty (sitting + sleeping). I also would fill my house with credenzas, buffets, sideboards, or whatever you want to call them - I would rotate out one a month if I could. I just love what you can do with them and how much fun they are to 'style' with fun functional accessories. Plus, they are low enough (height) for displaying art or a stunning mirror above.

With so many newbies at West Elm, spend an hour on their site to scan the new merch, seeing what you come up with as your own list of fresh finds. And remember... If you get stuck or have a design question, don't forget to ask me!

(top images: jungle flower pillows and the linden shelf - all images from west elm)