Delightful Blogs: Sign Up! It's Free!

Back in April, I posted about Delightful Blogs and how much of a benefit the site is to bloggers. If you haven't had the time to register your site, view this as a friendly little kick in the pants (smile). It's free, so you have nothing to lose.

If you signed up in April, have you visited the site since? A new chirpy bird welcomes you as you enter, and from there you are greeted with a clean simple format that is easy to navigate. Not only has the look and feel changed since April, but yowser! have you noticed all of the blogs they've added? Oodles of blogs covering topics that range from art to food, fashion, relationships, travel, wedding... and everything in between. Delightful Blog editors are very selective on who is voted onto their island, which is good for all of us because we don't have to sift through pages of blogs that lack focus or that are offensive or totally tasteless. But, don't let this scare you away, I'm sure you have a great chance at being accepted onto the site.

Tip: If for some reason, your blog isn't accepted (two decor8 readers wrote to me in April after my post stating they weren't), it could be based solely on how long you've been blogging, how regular you post, or simply that your blog lacks focus - maybe you call yourself a design blog, but you blog 10% about design and the other 90% about a film you saw, some great meal you made, the new car you purchased, your chicken pox, and the bad fish you ate last week.

Delightful Blogs is looking for blogs that are somewhat focused, which makes them easier to assign to a category. If you aren't accepted now, please don't lose faith, try registering again in a few months when you have more blog time, or content that can benefit their community of readers. (For instance, if you own a small business, use your blog to talk about the experience of ownership. Blogs like this are totally useful.) The editors at Delightful Blogs are really nice peeps, so ask them what you can do to become an accepted member. They certainly will lend assistance in that area.

To register, click here. Please make sure that you file your blog in the correct category. I've noticed some blogs under design that should be relocated to the art section. You only do yourself a huge disservice if you register in the wrong category.

(image from delightful blogs)