coffee + cre8tive {july 31 '06}

One more day and August will be here. I could feel it in the air last night as I walked, the temps dropped from 92 to 68 as day turned into night. I imagined my favorite funnelneck cardigan with jeans and boots, horseback riding. Sipping hot apple cider around a wooden table, enjoying a harvest meal. The scent of burning wood, pine, and pumpkin in the air, rust and mustard-colored leaves tumbling in the breeze. Autumn is my favorite season, and after spending the past few days under the brutal summer sun, I welcome it as it arrives on September 23rd (also Joy's wedding day!). Although I enjoyed this past weekend - the beach, attending art fests, and my favorite, opening day of Yankee Homecoming in Newburyport, Autumn in New England will always be my favorite time of year.

Speaking of Fall, have you checked out Pantone's color report for Fall fashion? I've talked about this before on decor8, how fashion influences interior design trends... So it's good to check out the palette designers are working from for the coming season, the textures they're introducing, metals, etc. I found an article/slideshow online this morning, From Fashion Week to Living Room Chic, that I thought you may enjoy from About.

"It should come as no surprise that trends in the apparel industry have a big impact on interior design. In fact, some designers create complete lines of clothes, furniture, and home accessories around new trends and themes." Continue article...

(image from about)