MOS MyOwnSpace: Summer Sale

While in La Jolla last summer, I couldn't peel myself away from MOS MyOwnSpace located at 7840 Girard Ave. It was such a great retail experience, from the customer service to the overall design and flow of space and of course, the vast array of modern furniture and accessories for the home in all price ranges. Really something for everyone. I loved the colors, the store seemed to burst with orange, red, lime, blue...

Unfortunately, some stores leave me feeling very uninspired. I walk away discussing the bittersweet experience and what I would like to change about it with my shopping pals. Do you do this too? I have to admit, I am quite critical of interiors, not in a mean spirited way, but in a constructive sense, and I find myself picking apart commerical spaces more and more these days, especially since I'm writing more about design and find myself constantly in stores to view the products I write about. I'd like to spread my wings a bit in the future and actually work on a few commerical design projects. I think I'd enjoy the mix between residential and commerical, especially since I miss my corporate background where everything is clean cut and always very professional. It's not easier by any means, but because you're not in someones home, you tend to not absorb their personal life and issues as much, especially when confined to a commercial environment, like a day spa, design store, gift shop, etc. I'd also like to offer consultations to already operating stores and work with the owners to improve the shopping experience, from the floor plan to addressing flow issues and assisting with displays and overall product placement, lighting, and even the smell and the music. I'd also like to work with them to suggest new products that may improve their sales and draw in more customers. I only have a day spa under my belt so far, and that doesn't really count since it was family. I certainly need a lot more experience on the commerical front, although I think my years as a professional shopper (wink) have to come into play here, too. (smile).

Do you find that some stores seem to have a void (poor visual displays, music that is too loud or doesn't fit the experience, or worse, a "total design explosion" - everything just dropped and landed there.)? What do you think works and what doesn't? I'd love to hear more, if you'd like to comment...

Back to MOS MyOwnSpace. Point is, this is one store that I walked away thinking, "Wow, now there's a store that really works. There's nothing about it that I would change." Even their business cards left an impression. If you are ever in La Jolla, drop by and see for yourself.

You can also shop them online, and there's no time like the present because Jennifer from MOS told me about their summer sale starting tomorrow, August 1st. The sale will feature select items both in store and online (the in store items include floor models, too.) Visit them first thing in the morning to jump on those sale items before they're gone - either in person or right here online.

MOS - If you're reading, we'd love a store tour if you have the time - snap some photos and send them in!

(images from mos myownspace)