TapetenAgentur Wallpaper from Germany (Ja!)

Drool. This is one gorgeous wallpaper company. TapetenAgentur (translated: wallpaper agency, in English) in Cologne, Germany has the most lush papers I've seen. I love how, if you click on a pattern, it shows you it up close, and in various color choices and at least one image of the paper installed in an actual space (very helpful!).

The site is in both German and English, so you can order samples and learn more about their papers. I really like the Octopus paper (so bold!), it's called a strip wallpaper, so I'm thinking it's a simple sheet that you apply in one area of the room and that's it - only one strip and you've illustrated your walls with an amazing graphic. I like that idea, especially if you don't want to paper an entire wall. I noticed in Domino magazine (July/August issue) that they had a good wallpaper idea where you just paper a square over your bed and frame it with simple moldings and use it as a headboard. Another good way to incorporate wallpaper into your home in a more non-traditional sense. Another paper fave of mine is Woods (in cream). It's so pretty, I would love to incorporate this into my own home design. It's nice to bring the outdoors in so that the view from my window gels with my interior space.

Find any favorites at TapetenAgentur?

Thanks Jenn for the tip!

(images from tapetenagentur)