Greener Grass Design: P*PHONE Anyone?

This find made me laugh so I couldn't resist posting it. Sheesh, we want to go forward, we long for the "good old days", we want iPods, we want to hang onto our vinyls, we want cell phones, but we miss old school dial phones. Gosh, we're a confused generation. This new techno gadget further confirms this. Imagine yourself, parked at a bistro table in a sexy little coffee shop, laptop on the table as you busily type in your blog entry.

Ring! Ring! Oops, gotta take that call, it's the boss. You pull out your oversized pink P*PHONE.

Huh? Yeah, this thing is for real guys. Not only does it claim to reduce radiation exposure to the head by around 95% (and we all know you already have enough head damage), but it's different and cute, and well, you can totally imagine all the looks you'll get (you so love the attention). Who knows, like toting around a yorkie with a little red bow, a phone like this must be a conversation starter in more ways than one. I can totally see cute boys wondering who you think you are with your rad '76 retro phone.

What do you think about this crazy new/old phone? For $70, it's all yours at Greener Grass Design. Available in black, pink, red, or white. When used with the SKYPE certified Y*CABLE in combination with your PC, your wired P*PHONE turns into a voice over IP phone. Dude!

I'm dying to know... Would you rock this thing?

(images from greener grass)