Inhabit: The Great Pillow Design Competition

Since I promised I'd update you as soon as I heard the news... It's official! Mike over at Inhabit just sent me a note that it's time to make the big announcement, Inhabit's Great Pillow Design Competition is underway!

The Great Pillow Design Competition is an opportunity for emerging designers, students or aspiring designers to stretch their creative legs. It's an opportunity for seasoned or established designers to work in a different medium, blow off some creative steam or just design for the sake of designing.

There's a $25 fee to enter, but they'll throw in a free t-shirt, so that's cool, right?

The winner will receive $1,000 and 5 sets of the award-winning pillows for their enjoyment, and the bragging rights that go along with winning the first-ever design competition for something squishy. The winning design will also be part of the 2007 Inhabit Spring line and credit the winning designer's name. They will also receive 3% of royalties of the sales from the winning design for two years. Second place will receive $150 and 3 pillow sets of their designs. Third place will receive $100 and 2 pillow sets of their designs.

CLICK HERE to enter!

Submissions are due by Oct 15, 2006 and must be posted on their server by exactly 12:00pm EST or postmarked by this date.

(image from inhabit)