coffee + cre8tive {aug 7 '06}

Who will be the next Design Star? I wasn't able to watch the entire show last night, I only tuned into the last 20 minutes of it, so I don't have a lot to say here (for once!) Can someone please get me up to speed with highlights on what I missed?

I was glad to see Vanessa eliminated for obvious reasons, did you see it coming? I didn't. I had mixed feelings about Teman leaving; he brought a lot of feeling to the show, he's very supportive of others and had teddy bear charm that made everything feel less competitive. But, it seems T + T have accomplished a lot in life together, so this may present a real aha! moment for the both of them to be separated for awhile, doing their own thing. Did you catch that Cynthia Rowley nearly broke down as the two brothers bid farewell? Her display of emotion was very spontaneous and natural, it didn't at all appear staged. It added a bit of warmth to the show that I appreciated.

I think that David really showed his true colors, as did Temple. I liked the the sofa with the chrome accents. I loved the hamster balls on the sofa filled with wood chips - clever!

Just one question: Should the show just end now with David as the winner? I'm thinking he could host his own design show called "Topless Design" or something. Seriously, what is up with his wardrobe (or lack of)? I'm not understanding why he runs around half naked.

But he is talented...

Your comments?

(Photo from the amazing photo bird. I love her work. You can purchase her goodies here.)