Citizen Citizen Felt Rug

These felt rugs, both pure wool with rubber backing, will totally pimp your crib. We're talkin' rock star fabulous here. Hey, they may be $1,950 (sheesh), but they are quite original... I like the bold statement that a big black bloom would make in a room, and think it's fun to see rugs that go a bit wild, venture outside of the 'norm' of basic shapes (circle, square, etc.) without getting childish (animal shapes, triangles, stars). I like a rug with a cutout in the center, it doesn't lay quite so heavy on the floor. Being black, it would almost sink the room otherwise or look like a big ink spot. It's perky, for black, due to the unusual cut.

But back to price, since they're wool felt, why are these things so expensive? Okay, they're chic and in vogue and on-trend and all of that, and I'm sure the machine they are using to produce it, must have been pretty expensive (I'm sure they had custom templates made). Despite all of that, we're still talking nearly two thousand dollars. This is something my friends and I chat about all the time, pricing, what drives the market and why, how do you set your price? Chanel, Dior, Louis, we can somewhat get it... But if you're not a mega brand, won't you exclude a huge chunk of the market if you go to customers with very high prices? Anyone care to discuss this?

But I'm still a big fan of this rug.

(images from citizen citizen)