Alinea - France

Look what Imeda discovered, Alinea of France! Oh how very pretty. Imeda from Singapore has some lovely finds on her blog, and now that she's back from summer vacation, you can expect to find her blogging away again just like old times. I love the things she finds, often so different from what we are exposed to here in the states, which makes her blog that much more appealing. She posted about Alinea recently and after flipping through their color-amazing website, I couldn't resist posting about them. I like how they layer patterns and colors, and how they incorporate either natural settings or indoor plants into their product shots, I don't see a lot of indoor plants (real ones) when I flip through magazines lately, a vase of flowers and the random orchid perhaps, but not a lot of plant love happening. Alinea features everything for the home, from lighting to textiles (including cutie stuff for baby), so you'll have some fun browsing their vast collection online.

Enjoy Alinea, and if you've not peeked in on Imeda lately, visit her blog while you're out and about on the web today.

(images from alinea)