Uncommon Goods

While blog surfing today, I spotted these great silverware buffet napkins ($45 for 4) on Elaine's blog, you can tuck your silverware into the fold, so classy! I really like these because I've not spotted anything like them before, and I love the sharp black cutlery against the bright white. Chic! The baby mobile is another love of mine, I've been on a black and white kick lately, so this mobile really caught my eye. It looks very French to me, but then again, I always associate mobiles ($22) with either France or Germany because when I first visited those places 10 years ago, I remember all the kids bedrooms and art rooms being filled with them. Not just for babies, kids of all ages seem to love them - either kids MY age. :) I wonder, if you tire of the images on this mobile, could take some of your favorite photos or cards and swap them out? My friend Angela (in Germany) has one like this with her daughters photos on it, displayed in her modern living room. I remember how much I admired it when we stayed with them a few years ago, something I'd forgotten until seeing this mobile at Uncommon Goods.

What do you think of this owl clock by Mark Brown for $90? Handmade in Massachusetts, I adore it, I mean, it's brilliant, isn't it? I imagine him in a kitchen with mustard yellow walls, stainless appliances, and wide pine floors. I can also picture our owl friend in a mid century modern dining room, or a retro kitchen with a red and stainless kitchen table. I love looking at items, trying to to imagine where I'd incorporate them either into my own space or just in a room in general. I think it's great training, to challenge yourself like this, when you look at interesting objects. Try to envision the room, the walls, the floors, where the item would be situated in the space, etc. Trust me, if you do this enough, you'll just start to see everything like this and, over time, you'll start making better and better purchasing decisions. You won't take something home and feel the sting of disappointment because the item doesn't match or fit in as you thought it would. The more you train your eye (and brain!), the better you'll get at decorating.

Great find, Elaine!

(images from uncommon goods)