coffee + cre8tive {aug 22 '06}

If you're intrigued by Edward Gorey, or Tim Burton even, you may really appreciate the melancholy works of David Lupton, the illustrator who designed the art for Keane's Live Recordings 2004 CD. David created the drawings and animations for the Bedshaped video along with background projections for Keane shows in the past, too. In fact, it's rumored that David drew all 500 illustrations in a single week for Keane's animated performance at the end of this video. You can view all of his work for Keane here. If you'd like to learn more about David, check out his My Space profile.

I appreciate how well he captures those slightly dark moments in our life, the unavoidable feelings, being lonely, sad, suffering loss, heartache... His work somehow avoids intensifying these raw emotions though, rather they seem to soothe the soul with relatable characters. You suddenly feel less alone, like another person out there 'gets you' so perfectly that your mood somewhat lifts. There's a glimmer of hope buried deep in such sad eyes, in a world nearly devoid of color. The hope that, although the present may seem difficult, things are about to take a sudden turn in your favor.

What do you appreciate about his work?

(photos from david lupton)