Room + Board Under $50

Okay, so you're thinking that Room + Board is this big serious furniture store with items that surely will send your credit card (and you) over a financial cliff... Well, think again. They actually have lots of cute finds for under $50, items that you can use in your home or gift to someone else. I found these cool cats and slick lamps in the children's accessories page, which proves, don't knock the kiddie section of any store. You can easily incorporate these Oscar lamps (available in white, grass or carrot) into your very grown up home. The cats... Well let's just say I wouldn't rule out putting one on a wooden chair in a lonely hallway, adding an instant smile to the faces of your guests. If you have kids, I can only imagine how Bart and Bubbles would light up their eyes.

If you're trying to get organized, or just need a colorful trash bin, the confetti bins are a nice buy for under $35. Also great for storing pototos in the kitchen, or lids for pots and pans. You could easily mix these bins in on white shelves for that punch of happy color in your cooking space. Great for storing slippers (or socks) near your front door, or for umbrella storage, too!

(images from room + board)