Coco Ribbon - Sweet Gifts from London!

decor8 reader Abigail wrote in about one of her favorite stores in London. Her email was so cute and packed with information that I'll just let her tell you about it:

I love your blog and read it every day, thanks for all the great tips! Anyhoo, wanted to tell you about this store I found in London last month. It's called Coco Ribbon, and is absolutely beautiful! It is decorated like a boudoir with that pastel Parisian apartment style, and carries all sorts of girlie things. In between the lingerie and toiletries, they do have some decorative things for the house, including antique furniture, chandeliers, and pillows. Oh yes, they also have their own very cute stationery. One very cool thing, though, is that Coco Ribbon has its own in-house interior designer, Madame Sera, so you can recreate the look of the store in your house if you want! There are two locations: Notting Hill and Chelsea, and of course, their website. A good part of their merchandise is online. Next time you're in London, you must go there! Bye for now! -Abby

Thanks for the tip, Abby! Looks lovely, a must add to our London shopping list for sure. I love thier butterfly garlands (so different!) and the mannequin soaps along with the sweet little mermaid soap box, both very cute, too!

(images from coco ribbon)