coffee + cre8tive {aug 25 '06}

It's the weeeekend! Happy Friday everyone, hope you have lots of fun plans on the agenda and that, if you have time, you'll pop in over the weekend to see what new things I've posted here on the blog. We have our first ever contest scheduled to premiere here next week, so stay tuned for that because it's always fun to win free stuff!

Here are some pretty images from Cath Kidston today. Back in 2001, I was a Kidston addict, I had everything from lampshades to oilcloth chair covers and pretty homemade cafe curtains in my butter yellow kitchen. I've changed my decor since then, moved into a new abode, but I always remember my crush on Cath. In fact, I still love to sip tea from her mugs or use them to collect pencils on my desk.

Do you have any designers or particular styles that you tend to stick with? Or that, like me, you were really into and then, you started to form a new love for a different look altogether? Care to share your story?

(images from cath kidston)