coffee + cre8tive {aug 28 '06}

I spent time on Sunday pouring over the September issue of the American Vogue magazine, with Kirsten Dunst, the fairest maiden of them all, gracing its cover. Starring in Marie Antoinette, an upcoming Sophia Coppola film (she also directed Lost in Translation), this issue set my desire to see the film ablaze. From the location in Versailles, France (swoon!), to the story, cast, set and costume design (double swoon!), this will surely be my favorite film of the season. Even if parts of it fail, the design alone will be well worth the ticket price. Vogue gives us a lovely glance of some of Kirsten's regal garments, mostly ball gowns in taffeta complete with snug corsets and powdered bare chests, necks kissed with precious gems. Shot by photographer extraordinarie, Annie Leibovitz, I love Kirsten in the pink and dove gray Alexander McQueen gown in taffeta and chiffon (shown above). Since wearing a gown like this is highly impractical for me, I'd like to translate her look into a room, perhaps a living room, with gorgeous taffeta drapes that puddle onto the floor, full and plush.

Since home design often takes it's cues from fashion, you may want to pick up this issue, which highlights 6 of the most popular ?it? looks for the season, the bubble (bold sculptural shapes in vibrant hues that ?puff?), fur (massive coats and half-fur half-fabric jackets and accessories), metallics (think Studio 54 with lots of shimmery fabrics, gold is big!), oversize (slouchy, layering multiple garments simultaneously ? tight and sexy is out), and Napoleonic (big brass buttons, brocade, fitted blazers, double breasted coats, velvet), most of which you can easily mimic in your own space. How? Add rich hues (I love teal right now), incorporate fur (faux only), layer your bed and sofa with throws and pillows, mix in lush textiles, add velvet to a chair or seat cushion, polish the room with an ornate mirror and metallic accessories, in gold, perhaps?

By the way, if you'd like to view some behind the scenes footage of Kirsten Dunst from this shoot, click here.

Psst: Did you notice the amazing section for Nordstom? The illustrations are frameworthy. Pages and pages of glorius prints (examples below).

(marie antoniette + vogue images from style)