Amenity Fall Collection '06

Ah, time to relax in style. Design Public just notified us that the girls, Nicole Chiala and Kristina de Corpo, from LA based Amenity have released their new collection - ready to ship straight to you from the Design Public peeps! Linen and botancial bedding, handbags, and pillows are on the menu this season in hues like plum and grey mixed with metallics (copper is hot!). If you prefer a modern scaled-down environment with a dash of natural beauty, Amenity may be exactly what you're looking for. I especially like their new handbags with rattan handles. I really love fabric handbags with simple modern lines and oversized graphics, so this bag works for me. Nice and big for toting paperwork and looks great with jeans. Another perk, you can leave it on a chair in your home and it becomes an accent piece - it's so pretty! What do you think? Love the bag? Or?

(images from design public)