decor8 reader spaces: Tour Rachel's Happy Home in Louisiana

Rachel Stuart-Haas is a decor8 reader that isn't shy about color. She took some photos of her home so you could step inside today to see what she's done to the place. She's an artist based in Shreveport, Louisiana, with a baby on the way!

Living Room and view of Dining Room

The crisp white french doors are lovely, that white brick fireplace gives the room cozy charm, and of course, the organized simplicity of the space is most impressive. I love the use of a fully saturated color, like sassy red, in the dining room. That is such a popular color for dining rooms right now, by the way. The pear and cream in the adjacent rooms softens the red a bit, gives the space a fruity feel - like a fresh plucked apple or strawberries with whipped cream. The space is very fresh and energetic, at least, to me. I also like the overall flow of her space, her furniture seems to be in the right spot, but beyond furniture placement, the house has a nice layout (lucky for the homeowner!).

Dining Room (view from living room and from the kitchen)

Do you see the little black kitty in the house? What a cutie! The kit kat clock in her kitchen (meow! the baby will surely love it) is almost an image of her beloved pet, in retro plastic! So many of us long to be that organized.

Kitchen + Bedroom

Are those amazing glass kitchen cabinets (with the perfect little silver hardware) original, Rachel? I've wanted cabinets like this in my kitchen for many years now, but rentals seem to gut original kitchens and replace everything with particle board or wood cabinets that are absolutely blah, but 'modern'. Glass cabinets like Rachel's are a rare find, but oh so beautiful! Most of us take such care to purchase glassware and dishes, I dislike hiding them behind solid closed doors. I don't mind hiding food, but I like to see dishes and cups arranged neatly in glass cabinets.

Baby Room + Screened in Porch

The wall color in the nursery is so pretty, and how many of us wouldn't kill for a screened in porch like this one? It reminds me of my childhood home in South Carolina, all the kids had one, which we used as a room for most of the year to play in, eat dinner, etc. Rachel must love using that space on summer nights... Ah, what a great home. Thank you for sharing this with us. Real homes lived in by real people. Imagine that, what a simple concept, but so much fun! I'm loving these home tours though, and I home you are enjoying them as well. As long as submissions keep coming in, I'll keep this as a weekly feature on the blog. 1-2 homes per week would be nice, don't you think?

My only question for Rachel is: I don't see your paintings around the house, do you not install them for a reason? I have artist friends that leave their walls blank because it helps them think and be more creative. Just wondering about that, but then again, I can't see the entire space in these photos... Perhaps Rachel has her art around but I cannot see it. Either way, the space sings!

Readers: What do you think about Rachel's space and use of color? Do you have any questions for her? If so, fire away in the comments section below. She'd love to hear from you!

(images from rachel stuart-haas)