Thanks, Imelda!

Imelda from the Singapore based design blog, Imedagoze, sent me the most beautiful package yesterday. We are swapmates (do you recall the magazine swap?), so her package arrived filled with goodies from Singapore, Indonesia and Japan. I was so surprised because she went above and beyond to include a Zakka decorating book from Japan along with cards, decorative tape, and a few other adorable things. These gifts really made my day, in fact this swap was a nice experience for me since I think sending regular mail is almost becoming a lost art... I miss cards and letters via snail mail, don't you? There is nothing more exciting than the Fed Ex man ringing your bell with a little box from a thoughtful friend.

Have you heard of decorative tape from Japan called Cram Cream (I think this is the name of the brand)? I just heard about it a few months ago, it's so cute. I imagine it being a great way to seal presents, especially if your tissue or wrapping paper is a solid color. I'm sure little girls love it, too. If I were twelve again, I'd be bouncing off the walls for this stuff. The tape that Imelda included in her package is colorful and fun with squirrels, mushrooms, and porcupines all over it. In addition to the words, "Cram Cream", there's an obvious chat going on between a lone squirrel who politely asks a passing porcupine to come over to his mushroom home. Of course, as with most products from Japan, things get lost in translation. The words on the tape simply read "Come On My House".

Interested in viewing cram cream products? There's a flickr group exclusively for cc addicts. Seriously. So cute. If you'd like to purchase things, read through this thread, lots of cc resources... There are groups for everything on flickr. Just google the most outlandish thing and chances are, it's either on eBay or Flickr.

Have you heard of cram cream before? What fun uses have you found for it? I seriously need to start hopping back over to Japanese websites to scour for stationery and home products, I know there's so much out there to cover, but so worth it. I'll try to dig up a few gems for you today. Stay tuned.

Thank you again Imelda!