Modamuse - Blogging from Australia/New Zealand

Face it. You're eternally cursed. Thanks to your insatible desire to learn about the latest, you'll forever walk into stores immediately able to recognize the Adler's from the Adam's. Blogs and magazines have turned you into a new kind of shopper. An educated one. Think back a few years. Chances are, you're not the same person that you were before design blogs hit the web. You not only know product lines (both popular and indie), but you anticipate the release of new collections, know the bio's of designers, materials used, prices, and when browsing a major department store, you can quickly point out, "They sooo knocked-off Karim Rashid with that". You're such a snob. :)

So we've established that we're all a bunch of design obsessed geeks. Care to expand your horizons outside of your local hood and travel to the land of Oz to mingle with more of your kind? Want to see what's hot down under?

Meet Modamuse, an Aussie blog that showcases talented independent modern Australian and New Zealand designers and artisans. The founders, two sisters and designers Nancy and Jessica Lim (they are also decor8 readers and co-own Wild Garden), noticed that their isn't much online coverage of designers in thier corner of the globe so they decided on August 8, 2006 to change all of that with Modamuse.

This is a site I'll bookmark because it has a definate focus - What's hot in Australia and New Zealand. This is uncharted territory by most design bloggers, we simply can't cover it like a native. The blog is clean and uncomplicated, simple and beautiful, and most of all it contains uber fabulous finds. They even featured a few decor8 favorites in past weeks, Hammer and Daisy and Zaishu.

I'm so happy to welcome Nancy and Jessica to the world of design blogging - and I hope all of you will check out their site and visit their often to expand your horizons and locate fresh exciting finds! Bookmark el pronto!

(images from modomuse top: bottom: cloth)