coffee + cre8tive {sept 12 '06}

Here's the workspace of the month from See Jane Work. I love that it's a cubicle, especially since a lot of people work in a traditional office environment and really enjoy personalizing it a bit. Question is, where to draw the line? What are your thoughts on this?

To me, it depends on the type of company that you work for. If you're employed by a creative firm, you may have less limitations and can easily display your entire collection of decole. If you're in a financial services or law firm however, you may need to tone it down a bit in order to gain the respect of colleagues. I doubt that a beanie baby collection will not get you promoted in a mutual funds company unless your father is the CEO.

I think that for cube decor, just like fashion, it's smart to follow that age-old unspoken rule in the workplace. Mirror others. Especially those who hold a higher rank that you do. Mirroring peers (those who hold a similiar position) isn't the best idea because they may not intend to reach for that promotion someday, so just because they have Hello Kitty everything in thier cubcile doesn't mean that you should do the same. Perhaps you are looking to climb the ladder. Look to those in the position that you would like to hold someday and see how they're arranged their space. If it's plain and boring, and you can't live in a beige box all day, try adding a splash of color that gives the right "grown up" impression. Using hot pink accessories may not accomplish that goal.

I think the cubicle arranged by See Jane Work actually can be carried over to most office spaces, either the uptight financial world, or the casual graphic design firm. By adding a few shots of solid color, a few snappy organizational pieces can go a long way and make you feel more at home on the job.

Let's take a little poll... How many of you work from home? How many work in an office? If you're in an office space, what do you do to spruce it up so that it's appealing to you?

Comment below with your answer!

I'll be back soon to announce the details of our first ever decor8 contest - so stay tuned! The theme is Your Workspace...

(photo from see jane work)