coffee + cre8tive {sept 18 '06}

I'm not one to blog about beauty products, but after all the sunshine this weekend and temps in the 80's (I finally have a tan - yeah!), I was applying lip balm as much as I possibly could. My good pal from LA, artist Michelle Caplan, collaborated with Bath Chick to develop a line of lip balms to sell at craft fairs in addition to her beautiful artwork. I guess she thinks like a true business woman, if they cannot afford the art, they're bound to fall in love with the art wrapped around a tube of delicious lip balm. The flavors are all inspired by her collage art and come with with an art card of the piece.

Hands down, this lip balm is the best stuff I've ever used, and I mean ever. It's not waxy and icky like so many on the market, it's creamy and just plain yummy. Michelle sent me several to pack for my upcoming travels to Germany (I leave in 3 days!) and the moment my husband saw them, he grabbed the one with the image of the man on it and refuses to return it, brat! He uses it all the time and wants more. It's funny how he won't go near the others, only the tube sporting the handsome gentleman. Guys are so funny.

For girls, I love Apricot Plum Vera and Raspberry Lemonade Peter. For guys, my husband suggests Fruity Vanilla Eduardo

Note: Michelle doesn't pay me to write about her lip balm. She also won't like me anymore than she already does. I get no points. No love. Nothing. I also highly doubt she'll get rich off of balm sales made by decor8 readers. I just really like the stuff and wanted to spread the word. These are limited edition, so once they are sold out - that's it!

It's the balm diggity, baby!!

(images from michelle caplan)