Eco-Expert Danny Seo

Have you heard of Danny Seo? I first saw him in the May issue of Country Home, they featured a huge spread about his amazing eco-friendly lifestyle that he calls "Simply Green". Why so amazing? See for yourself...

"Born on Earth Day in 1977, Danny has championed on behalf of the natural biodiversity of our planet from a very young age. On his 12th birthday, he founded the organization Earth 2000 with just a few friends and $23. By his 18th birthday, he transformed the grassroots organization into the country's largest teenage activist charity spearheading worldwide campaigns on behalf of the environment. As an Editor at Large at COUNTRY HOME magazine, through his bestselling books, his how-to lifestyle lectures, weekly Sirius Satellite Radio program and his upcoming companion TV show, 29-year-old Danny Seo encourages America to live a greener lifestyle."

How's that for impressive?

Danny's Home

In his new book Simply Green Parties, there's a super easy project on how to transform old or leftover tiles into faux bois coasters. You need: tiles, a wood graining tool (from the paint section of the hardware store), and porcelain glaze paint (craft store has this). As Danny puts it, "Clean the tile, dry it well, slap on some glaze, run the graining tool across, let it dry and bake it in the oven. Voila!"

DIY wood grain tiles
His terrific chalkboard fridge at home

Sheesh. Is this a cool guy or what? He didn't just jump on the eco-conscious bandwagon 2 or 3 years ago, he has been doing this since childhood - imagine that! A true expert, Danny is someone who has truly earned the spotlight.
Check out his eclectic country nest in these photos - lovely!

More shots from Danny's Home

Visit him on his website or blog to learn more...

(photos from danny seo)