DIY Refrigerator Chalkboard

Emails shot in the moment I posted about Danny Seo yesterday, especially since many of you loved his refrigerator chalkboard and now you'd like to duplicate it for your own kitchen. Most of your emails asked "How Do I?" and the truth is, I'm not exactly sure, I've not tried this technique out before. Even though I'm sure Danny is quite busy, I'll forward this post over to him... Perhaps if he has time, he'll chime in.

I found a company online called Frigo Design, they carry these chalkboard sets exclusively for your fridge. They appear to be a frame with tubular handles and panels that is mounted directly to the appliance. Best part, the chalkboard is also magnetic. Frigo Design is quite popular, HGTV turns to them often for frige help. House in Progress wrote about Frigo on their blog too, if you want to check that out.

Anyone ever try this chalkboard frige idea at home?

(image from danny seo)