coffee + cre8tive {sept 21 '06}

Everyone has a dream home. Not many of us will ever live in it. Harsh reality to face, but it's true. Sometimes you have to DWR... DREAM within reach. :) Whether you are fortunate to be living in the ideal space, or you're like me, navigating your way towards it, we all think about places we'd like to live and the type of house that we think best mirrors our personality and lifestyle. Important thing is, only dream about what's attainable or else you may never feel settled, and like so many people I've met, you may never feel completely happy as a result. In other words, you may want to reconsider that dream about the castle in Tuscany and try to think about either making the best out of your current circumstances, or upgrading to something better that is also attainable.

Describe your dream home. A home or apartment that you think is within reach according to your current income, needs, and lifestyle. Do you plan to relocate? If so, where? How do you envision your new space? I'd love to hear what your dream (remember, think attainable) space looks like. How would you decorate it? What colors would you use? How different would it be from your current abode?

You can email your thoughts to me, or better yet, comment below so everyone can get involved. I can't wait to learn more about you and see what YOU are into. You hear so much about me and my tastes, I really want to hear about YOU this time.

(image from notNeutral - fabric by the yard)