My Marrakesh - The Story of An American Family Setting Up Home in Morocco

Care to travel to Morocco for a bit? Inspired by decor8, Maryam, an American in Marrakesh, started blogging about her experience living in a foreign land. My Marrakesh is a new blog which tells: "The bemused tales of an American family's quest to design, build, and decorate a guest house in Morocco. Life, culture, style, shopping. And a couple of belly dancers thrown in there for good measure...." I find the subject quite fascinating, since she is embarking on a major project (home construction), while working full-time and raising a family. Her personal journey documents her life there, along with a good dose of shopping and style sprinkled in. The blog is designed to be about what it's like to build your dream house (and a guest house!) from scratch in a foreign country.

Marrakesh is an amazing design destination that has inspired artists and designers all over the world. In the coming months, Maryam will have an entry every other day about products inspired by Morocco's sense of style. She hopes readers will provide advice and opinions as she makes important decor and gardening decisions for her family's guest house, the Persian Garden Pavillions. You'll see the whole process unfold before your eyes - from the day the concrete is first poured to the moment her first guest arrives (she's already promised me that I could visit eventually, so I have dibs!!!).

Read Maryam's Morrocan adventure here.

(image from my marrakesh)