coffee + cre8tive {sept 29 '06}

Happy Friday everyone!

Blogger decided to play tricks on me and my template today, when I try to insert the HTML code for the new blog and book of the week, the preview shows the site in extra large text. Of course, this would be great if we all suffered vision problems... I'm just not sure how to fix the issue so I'm not touching the template until my husband has time to look things over for me (hopefully this weekend). So, for now, things will stay the same in the left column - however I'll point you to the new blog and book in the next post so you have something new to check out. :)

Today is a light day for posting, I have a lot of entries for the My Workspace contest (lots of great images!) to sort through. If you haven't entered yet, please send yours in today. I'll extend the deadline to midnight YOUR time (wherever you live) because I want to give the shy readers time. I'll announce our three prize winners next week, and for fun, Fabulous Stationery asked if they could throw in a limited edition MOMA pen for the 4th and 5th runners up since we had more entries than expected. Of course, I said sure - the MOMA pen is valued at $25 and I happen to have one and love it. So, we'll now have 5 lucky readers walking away with something nice from Fabulous Stationery. :)

Tonight, we're having dinner with our friends from Italy and Spain and then they're taking us salsa dancing. There's a new place hosting a grand opening tonight - free cocktails all night long and lots of twirling skirts and strappy heels. Should be fun to see what lands me on the floor first - the sangria or the dancing (I'm not very good at handling either, thankfully my friends have a sense of humor!).

Tomorrow, we're meeting up with my sister-in-law and then taking some little ones that are friends of the family to Oktoberfest. Here, Oktoberfest is much the same as a carnival or state fair in the states, with rides, kiosks overflowing with food, plenty of alcohol and of course beer, and lots of shows, games, and sweets from the local region - like homemade candies and cakes. I'll try to snap some photos and post them here over the weekend so you can see what German Oktoberfest is like here in the north. Munich is the home of Oktoberfest since that is where the celebration got it's start, but most cities in Germany have their own version, which is just as fun. (Delicious Days posted coverage of the Munich fest, you must read about it on their blog, lovely photos! Here are some more, too.) If you go early enough, the event is still kid-friendly because the drunks don't surface until later in the evening. I went to Oktoberfest a few years ago and wandered into a huge tent because I heard traditional German music and thought I could catch a glimpse of some traditional dancing... Well, I sort of did. All these very, shall I say, hot guys, were dressed from head to toe in traditional Barvarian clothes (lederhosen). As I watched them dance on a runway platform, I felt that something about this wasn't exactly right, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I walked over to the bar to order a beer and turned around to see bare bottoms and big smiles - these men were stripping to the ompalompa beat. Eek! My face turned tomoto red and I raced out like an embarrassed child... But in retrospect, it was quite funny and now, a few years later, I know to stay away from tents unless I ask whomever I'm with to translate the signage for me. Come to think of it, I guess Oktoberfest isn't exactly like a state fair...

Be back soon with some fun Friday posts... Bis Spater! (See you soon!)