Lago Studios (Italy)

Italians never cease to amaze me - from their music, to fashion, wine, food, interior design... It's all really quite impressive, isn't it? I recently came across the Fluttua bed from Lago Studios, a suspended bed that is supported by a single foot beneath. No need for delicate balance or sleeping only in the middle, the foot is installed into the wall so the sleeping platform is secure. Gives the illusion that one is floating off to sleep, don't you think?

The Fluttua, although certainly a beauty, may not be a bed I'd purchase though, most walls in apartments and homes I've lived in are 4" of drywall, stuffed with insulation, hardly sturdy enough to support the weight of a bed without the entire wall falling down. Here in Germany, and I assume in Italy and most other Euro flats, I see this as no problem, most walls are extremely sturdy. In our building, the walls are a combination of concrete and stone.

Somewhat more practical for me are these 36E8 storage systems, offered in an array of colors, styles, and materials, so you are allowed to be as creative as you wish to conceal your clutter. I'm really crushing on the 36E8 collection, I like all of the options for installation, and the glossy cabinets are very attractive. I think the wood grain is my favorite, though.

One last bit before I leave you alone with Lago, your new love. Here's a photo of their studios in Italy, a nice space to create, don't you think? I love peeking into the workspace of others. Link here to read Design Conversations (their blog), too. Simply click on the British flag to translate it into English.

The Fluttua and 36E8 aren't the only beauties from Lago Studios, don't miss their broad range of practical, innovative, and very contemporary pieces, all so stunning, you'll want to fill your home with lots of Lago love.


(images from lago studios)