Ritzenhoff (Germany)

I first discovered Ritzenhoff in the mid 1990's while at an airport, I think it was in Frankfurt while shopping duty-free. I still remember how excited I felt when I laid eyes on a gorgeous display of contemporary beer glasses. I immediately purchased two, each boxed in a decorative tube containing a complementary set of coordinating coasters, and carefully tucked them into my carry-on bag. I guarded them with my life as I traveled back to Boston, terrified they might break, determined to get them back in one big beautiful piece.

The story of Ritzenhoff goes something like this, "In Marsberg in the Sauerland the tradition of glass-making has been cultivated for centuries. The workers are familiar with the secrets of mouth-blown glasses and are able to impart all colours and forms to shapes and to decorate, gold-plate, smooth and polish even the most delicate of glasses. In order to express these traditions with modern, contemporary products, they commissioned the creative minds at sieger design to find new shapes for mouth-blown glass ? and the Sieger collection was born."

Fact: Shortly after launching their collection of beer glasses in the mid 1990's, Ritzenhoff quickly exploded into one of the largest producers of beer glasses in Europe.

Ritzenhoff designers thought beyond the beer glass though, with dishes, teacups, vases, and beyond. Boasting over 280 designers based worldwide, from architects to product designers, artists, comic illustrators, advertisers, illustrators, interior designers, set designers and sculptors, each contributes their own unique style and differing work methods resulting in an endless variety of ideas and products.

From beer glasses to porcelin containers, egg cups, piggy banks, candles, salt + pepper shakers, and so much more, every home needs a little festive punch of porcelin and glass!

(images from ritzenhoff + decor8)