Marimekko's First Concept Store (USA) Opens in Cambridge, MA!

Being away from the hub has its benefits. Annoying Boston accents and crazy drivers are a thing of the past. No more T and its many delays. Dodging near-death experiences with duck tours aren't a concern.

On the other side, there are many things I miss. Family. Friends. Chowda. Marimekko.


Yup. I was awe-struck too. "We think of Cambridge as the birthplace of Marimekko in the US," says Yossie Bitton, managing director of Marimekko North America. That is why they've opened the first "concept" store for Marimekko in Cambridge, stocking everything from textiles to fashion and housewares. When I get back to New England, I'm popping in for a visit. For all the locals, please scout it out for me and let me know what you think. I'm so excited!

Interested in learning more? Read about the store in this Globe article. Thanks to my friend Jon at the Bostonist, for the tip. You can read their write-up here.

350 Huron Ave
Cambridge, MA

(Images from the Boston Globe (, Globe staff photo / Michele McDonald)