Tutti-Frutti Mango: Kelly in Pennsylvania (#102)

From Kelly, a collage artist in PA: I'm excited to be a part of this contest. These are tight shots from around my studio, where I write and work on collage. I love controlled chaos, so I keep most of my belongings tucked away in antique boxes or old glass jars. The bright blue box on the shelf has special meaning; it originally housed a doll's wardrobe and the paint had aged so beautifully that I had to buy it, even though it was an antique and way out of my budget. Now, it holds holds acrylic paints and scraps of fabric. The little doll in the same photo is actually a clay embodiment of my inner critic -- I got the inspiration to make it from The Artists' Way. She's ugly but nonthreatening, which helps to remember when I am working on a difficult piece.

The other photos are pretty self-explanitory. The photo of the floor has some more art supplies in tackle boxes and an altered book made by a blogging friend of mine.

I think the stationary that best describes my work is Tutti-Frutti Mango, not only for its rich colors and artistic appeal, but because mangos remind me of SARK. If you're not familiar with her work, she's an inspirational writer, and her best advice to me has been to "eat mangos naked - lick the juice off your arms!" It reminds me to lead a rich and daring life, even if things get a little sticky sometimes. (And hey, sometimes, things are better sticky!)

A sidenote: I think I would make an excellent contest winner because I love writing to people who inspire me -- writers, artists, bloggers, etc. Nothing is better than getting an old-fashioned handwritten letter from someone who admires your work. I also like to think that it fosters connection among the artistic community. After all, how many times do we look at work and think, 'I love that!' without ever letting the creator know? And how often could the creator benefit from that knowledge? Therefore, awarding me this prize would ultimately increase the good karma to creative folks everywhere. (It can't hurt to think big.) And of course I would send you a sweet thank-you note, too. :-)

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(images from kelly for decor8)