Flickr MOO Minicards - NEW!

I've had Flickr on the brain today and what do I stumble across mere moments ago via AT? Flickr MOO Minicards. Sheesh. Like I needed more of a reason to be in lust with Flickr. This now officially makes Flickr my all-time favorite website. I'm obsessed, especially now that I can take 100 of my favorite Flickr images, slice 'n dice 'em, and create super cool calling cards on glossy, full-color cardstock for only $19.95. MOO wants to take the boring business card to a new sophisticated level, an advanced generation of calling cards for the in-the-know, on-the-go peeps. In other words, all of us!

How do you create Flickr Minicards? Choose the photos you'd like on your cards from your Flickr photostream. Every card can be different if you'd like, so create up to 100 for only $19.99 (+ $4.99 delivery - anywhere in the world!). Next, crop the images by highlighting the area on the photo that you'd like on the card. Now add your personal details on the back using various fonts and colors. You can even use your Flickr buddy icon or the Flickr logo (optional). Oh, and one last thing, after they arrive, hand them out! You can network your brains out, create art, share photos of your kids at the next family gathering, scrap 'em, add to your inspiration board, create gift tags, or anything else you can think to do with 100 very cool little cards.

Start creating your cards here and spread the word to your friends because all Flickr addicts need to learn about MOO asap!

So... Will you MOO? What do you think about these? Do you have ideas for them that you'd like to comment on? I'd love to hear some creative uses for these...

(images from richard moss, torontofotobug, lorilea, and pooleworks.)