Melissa Moss Art + Greeting Cards (LA)

The very sweet Marisa from Creative Thursday sent me a tip about her friend, Melissa Moss. Based in Venice, California, Melissa is an artist to watch. She is currently the featured artist at the Hive Gallery in LA (now until October 31st) and was interviewed here via podcast over at Creative Thursday.

After learning more about Melissa and viewing her work, I'm charmed for sure. I love how candid she is in her bio and can't wait until I have the time to listen to the podcast, too.

Melissa loves color and begins each nature-inspired painting by choosing an emotion that she wishes to convey. Leaving a career behind in the publishing world, she studied color psychology, where she found her true calling: Painting. As a trained color psychologist, she understands color theory thoroughly - how hues relate to emotions and through subtle tints and tones, she applies her knowledge to create an emotion through the strokes of her brush using acrylic and gouache mediums for contrasting both matte and gloss finishes. From jellyfish to toadstools, trees and flowers, her color combinations breathe the 21st century into a 1970's color palette. Her paintings are on wood, which upon close inspection, the wood grain can be seen.

Her paintings are available via her website. Simply send her an email. Or if you're in the LA area, stop by the Hive Gallery before October 31st to view her work in person. Archival prints and prints on wood, along with greeting cards are also available here on her website. Prices are listed.

(images from melissa moss)

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